26 de abril de 2013

Glossary of wine-terms used in the Rioja - PART IV - FROM T TO Z

Tina: A large oak vat.

TINO: A large storage cask.

Tonel: A large storage barrel containing several "barricas".
Tonelada: A metric ton, 1000 kg or approximately 10 hl of wine.
Tolva: An Archimedean screw used for transferring the fruit to the crusher.
Trasiego: The racking or decanting of wine from the lees.
Tren: A bottling line. 
Turbio: Turbid.
Uva: A grape.
Vara: A unit of measurement of 0.87 m ysed in spacing the plants in a vineyard.

VENDIMIA: The wine harvest.

Vid: A vine.
Viña, viñedo: A vineyard.
Vinicultura: The science and practice of wine-making.
Vino: Wine.
Vino blanco Pardillo: A wine made in historical times by mixing a little red wine with white.
Vino común, corriente: Ordinary wine, "vin ordinaire".
Vino de aguja: Slightly sparkling, pétillant.
Vino de corazón: The middle portion of wine fermented in "lago".
Vino de lágrima: Wine made form a must separating without mechanical pressure.
Vino de mesa: Table wine.
Vino de pasto: And ordinary beverage wine, often light.
Vino de yema: The wine first drawn off a traditional "lago".
Vino virgen: Wine fermented without the skins and pips.
Viticultor: A wine-grower.
Viticultura: The cultivation of vines for wine-making.
Zona de crianza: An area within which wines qualifyinf for "Denominación de Origen" may be mature and blended.

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