12 de abril de 2013

Glossary of wine-terms used in the Rioja - PART II - FROM D TO M

Degustación: Tasting.

DENOMINACIÓN DE ORIGEN: The guarantee of the "Consejo Regulador" corresponding to the French Apellation d'Origine.

Depósito: A large tank, usually of lined concrete or stainless-steel, for storing or blending wine.
Educación: The maturing and/or blending of new wine.
Elaboración: The making and further treatment of wine.
En virgen: The fermentation of wine en blanc - whitout skins, pips or stalks.
Enología: The science of wine-making. 
Enológico: An oenologist.

Etiqueta: A label.
Exportación: Export.
Exportador: Exporter, shipper.
Gerente: The manager of a "bodega".
Granel: In bulk.

GRANO: The berry of the grape.

Hectárea: A hectare of 2.471 acres.
Hectolitro: A hectolitre of 22 gallons.
Holandas: Grape spirit containing 65 per cent by volume of alcohol.
Hollejo: A grape skin.
Grado: Degree of alcohol; 13º means 13 per cent by volume.
Ingeniero Agrónomo: A wine technologist.
Injerto: A graft.

LAGO: The traditional open stone or cement tank used for fermentation.

Licor: Liqueur, spirit.
Litro: A litre of 1.76 pints.
Levadura: A yeast of ferment.
Malvina: A toxic substance found in wines made from hybrid grapes.
Mayoral: An experienced picker in charge of a cuadrilla forestal.
Mecador: A pole used for breaking up the floating "cap" in a fermentation vat.
Mistela: A sweet must in which fermentation has arrested by addition of alcohol.
Mosto: Must, the juice extracted from grapes prior to fermentation.

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